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Anything foul is afoot beneath the streets of the town. The people look into a missing laborer only to discover a duergar mining operation in town sewers. Can the people end the duergar before they create the city walls crashing down on their heads?

Riddled with veins of treasured ore and gem, the Earthspur Mountains for the west have lengthy been a useful source for anyone in the position to mine them. One these mine has long gone silent and the only thing a lot more about than its very long overdue cargo may be the destiny on the users on the Soldiery despatched to discover what has happened for the mine’s staff.

It's very Significantly meant to be satire and never a serious storyline. Moreover, You can find some really moderate Grownup language so let this serve as your disclaimer.

The Necromancer was being successor of the territory, crown prince to his father who settled the land. But, he dabbled with dim powers and it drove him mad.

"Hey, do you're thinking that They are anticipating us? It really is their foundation In any case… they could have some rewards, they know the battlefield better than us…" claimed Milva the rogue as she climbed in the direction of the crevice inside the stone that led to the goblin's cave.

During this document you will discover 8 primary "manager encounters", designed to be performed at the conclusion of a dungeon, of a quest or of the story arc; each come upon comes entire with hand-drawn maps, balancing choices to really make it even more durable or simpler, not to mention… you guessed more helpful hints it, Lair Actions! New Lair Steps, Primarily tailor-made for that experience, ready to just take your gamers abruptly.

Leomund's Misplaced Manor is actually a D&D 5th Version experience intended to give gamers a basic dungeon crawl whilst they discover the confines from the titular Manor and unravel the secret of its very last owner.

To the southern shores in the Moonsea, the residents of Mulmaster have eked out a residing where Some others would most likely have given up way back—within a bleak town exactly where corruption is rampant as well as Church of Bane holds sway.

A dwarven expedition has stopped in Mulmaster for A lot-essential supplies. Furgis Boltsmelter, their founder and chief, is looking for some “no inquiries requested” security for that period of his stay in town.

Soon after shelling out months within the shadowfell They may be offered a little sliter of hope of escapse. But Every little thing has a rate. Will they be willing to encounter extreme perals to escapse or will They only be another casulty within the shadowfell? experience for just a mid-amount party.

The goblins on the Nanraak tribe are disappearing. Are you able to master The main reason guiding their mysterious departure?

The player characters have put right into a tropical island for repairs to their ship. Even so the neighborhood village is nearly deserted, as well as the jungle hides a magic formula that may be the two terrible and tragic. Can the participant characters place to appropriate anything so foul that It appears there could be no redemption?

A 2nd tier adventure for 6th – 10th degree figures that functions battles, environmental dangers, and roleplaying.

This uniquely styled experience will involve gamers getting started with small information about the figures they're going to Enjoy.  No people are geared up ahead of time.  This can be a nonstandard method of play.

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